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Tusayan Ruin Trail

Allow about 30 minutes to tour Tusayan Ruin.
The 0.1 mile loop trail through the main ruin is
paved and wheelchair-accessible; the side loop to
a prehistoric farming site is not. Signs along the
way explain the site's features. An interpretive
trail guide with greater detail about Tusayan's
inhabitants is available to your right.

Tusayan Ruin is a remnant of a small village of
about 30 people who lived here for 25 to 30 years
in the late 1100s. The architecture was typical for
that period. Pueblo architecture varied according
to availability of local materials. Here, builders
used limestone blocks held together with mud.

The name "Tusayan" was the Spanish name for
this geographic area, and was given to the ruin by
archeologists who excavated the site in 1930.

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