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John Deering (Bin Bitoodnii Nez) born 1870 of the Deer
Water clan, his wife Susie Deering, born in 1878, of the
Maii Deeshgiininii clan, and their nine children, pioneered
the areas of the gap, copper mine, Cedar Ridge, Bitter
Spring, Page, Marble Canyon, and Lee's Ferry.

Bin Bitooddnii Nez transported supplies and U.S. mail from
Flagstaff to Salt Lake City and supported his family by
raising livestock and hunting in the Kaibab and Dixie
National Forests.

John Deering operated the Lee's Ferry and maintained the
historic trail until the historic Navajo Bridge was constructed
in 1929. He died April 18, 1956 in Cedar Ridge, Arizona.

In Memory of John and Susie Deering
Gap Bodaway Chapter

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