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The South Rim Trail extends both east and west from Grand Canyon Village, following the rim of the Grand Canyon, where the tops of the cliffs reach the edge of the Coconino Plateau, which stretches for miles southward. Many viewpoints lie along the trail, along with many quiet spots where you can step off the trail and sit on a rock among the junipers and cedar trees and enjoy the view.

The trail is paved at least from the Powell Memorial to Yavapai Point. Other portions of the trail are dirt, and are more difficult to follow. The UntraveledRoad virtual tour includes all of the trail from Mather Point to Yavapai Point. Westward from Grand Canyon Village, the trail parallels the Hermit Road. Hikers commonly hike as far as they wish, and then ride the shuttle bus back to the village.

Breathtaking views can be seen at every turn on the trail. The elevation ranges from about 6800 to 7000 feet.

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