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Grand Canyon Vista

Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail descends 4.6 miles
(7.4km) from the canyon rim to Indian
Garden, then continues an additional
3.2 miles (5.1km) to the Colorado
River (not visible from here). The
Bright Angel trailhead is located 1/3
mile (540m) west of here along the
rim, near Kolb Studio.

The conspicuous trail north of Indian
Garden is the Plateau Point Trail,
which leads 1.4 miles (2.2km) from
Indian Garden to Plateau Point, an
overlook 1400 feet (425 m) above the
Colorado River.

Indian Garden
Nesgled among the cottonwood trees
along Garden Creek, Indian Garden -
over 3000 vertical feet (900m) below
the canyon rim - is accessible via the
Bright Angel Trail, The site of historic
and prehistoric Indian occupation,
Indian Garden is today the site of a
campground and ranger station.

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