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The Rim Trail

The Rim Trail meanders along Grand Canyon's
South Rim between Hermits Rest and Pipe Creek
Vista. Passing through forests of pinon pine and Utah
juniper, the trial connects scenic views of Grand
Canyon and the Colorado River.

You can leisurely walk part of the Rim Trail or hike its
full length. Remember to pace yourself; at this altitude
walking is strenuous. Explore the canyon rim, and
then ride a free shuttle bus when you're tired.
Please remember the Rim Trail is for walking,
no bicycles or motorized vehicles allowed.

The Rim Trail is paved from Maricopa
Point, east through Grand Canyon
Village to Pipe Creek Vista. The trail is
accessible for wheelchairs between
Bright Angel Lodge and Yavapai
Observation Station.

The Rim Trail is unpaved from Maricopa
Point, west to Hermits Rest. Portions of
the trail may be difficult to follow and are
not maintained.

Many areas along the trail are close to the
edge and lack protective railings. Use
caution near the edge.

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