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Grand Canyon Vista

The Uinkarets
The mountains on the western
horizon are the Uinkarets.
Uinkaret is a paiute word meaning
"pine mountain people." This small
range of volcanic mountains includes
three major peaks and over 100
smaller cinder cones. Mt. Trumbull
is the highest peak in the range.

The Uinkarets are geologically
young, the oldest lava flows are
seven million years old. As recently
as one million years ago, lava in this
vicinity cascaded over the edge of the
canyon into the Colorado River,
3,000 feet below.

Point Sublime
Point sublime, on Grand Canyon's
north rim, was named by Clarence
Dutton during his travels with the
U.S. Geological Survey in 1880. From
Point Sublime Dutton comtemplated
the canyon, which he called "the most
sublime and awe inspiring spectacle
in the world."
Dutton named many
Grand Canyon features.

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