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Buckey O'Neill Cabin

In the earlry 1890s (exact date unknown) Buckey
O'Neill built a log cabin here on Grand Canyon's
south rim. It stands in front of you; it is Grand
Canyon's oldest surviving historic structure.

Grand Canyon's modern era began with people like
O'Neill - prospectors and adventurers who quickly
found tourism more lucrative than mining. Many of
their structures became rugged tourist facilities; in
1898 O'Neill's cabin became part of the Bright Angel
Hotel. In 1935 when mary Colter designed a new
Bright Angel Lodge, she preserved Buckey's cabin
by incorporating it into her design. It still provides
lodging for visitors today.

Buckey O'Neill had a widely varied career that ended
abruptly in 1898 when he was killed serving in Cuba
with Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. O'Neill
Butte, which towers over Grand Canyon's South
Kaibab Trail, bears his name.

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