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Inner Canyon Trails

Here you have a rare view of five of
Grand Canyon's inner canyon trails:
the Bright Angel, Plateau Point,
South Kaibab, Tonto, and Clear
Creek trails. Hundreds of thousands
of hikers use these trails each year.

1. Plateau Point Trail
This spur off the Bright Angel Trail
leads to Plateau Point, a popular day
hike destination with a view of the
Colorado River from the edge of the
Inner Gorge.

2. Bright Angel Trail
An Indian route improved by miners,
the Bright Angel is now Grand
Canyon's most popular trail to the
Colorado River.

3. South Kaibab Trail
The National Park Service completed
this trail in 1928 to provide free access
into the canyon. It is steep and has no
water, but provides spectacular views.

4. Clear Creek Trail
Faintly visible on the north side of the
Colorado River, this trail leads east to
the Clear Creek drainage.

5. Tonto Trail
Unlike most inner canyon trails,
which go rim-to-river, the Tonto Trail
parallels the river, traversing the broad
Tonto Platform to connect east-west
points. The section of Tonto Trail
visible from here is not heavily used
and is difficult to see.

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