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Hermit Trail makes the descent from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River, beginning at Hermit's Rest, a few miles west of Grand Canyon Village. Hermit's Road leads from Grand Canyon Village to Hermit's Rest. The entire length of the trail is 8.9 miles with a drop in elevation of 4,240 feet.

Beginning inauspiciously with a descent through a forest of Junipers into an insignificant-looking wash, the trail suddenly emerges on the high cliffs above Hermit Creek. Splashing through the bottom of a canyon thousands of feet deep and a mile wide, Hermit Canyon is merely a tributary to the Grand Canyon, which fills the view to the north. Atop the opposite side of Hermit Canyon is Eremita Mesa, which from the trail, presents itself as a mountain of red and white stone. Below, cliffs in varying colors drop in layers to a bottom nearly out of sight. At the upstream end of the canyon, a hanging canyon extends back into Eremita Mesa, coming to an abrupt end in the front where cliffs drop into Hermit Canyon.

Hermit Trail turns away from the Grand Canyon and makes its descent towards the head of Hermit Canyon. Another hanging canyon comes into view, called Hermit Basin, into which the trail descends. At this point the trail turns northward and heads toward the Grand Canyon.

Two other trail intersect Hermit Trail in Hermit Basin. Waldron Trail heads southward and up Hermit Basin, reaching the rim and Horesthief Tank. Dripping Springs Trail crosses the head of Hermit Canyon to Dripping Springs in other hanging canyon. It then continues up that canyon to the rim. Accessible from there is the Boucher Trail. The Boucher Trail descends into the Grand Canyon on the west side of Hermit Canyon, while Hermit Trail makes the descent on the east side.

From Hermit Basin, Hermit Trail heads generally in a straight line towards Cope Butte, passing Santa Maria Spring, Lookout Point and the Cathedral Stairs. At the base of Cope Butte, it connects with the Tonto Trail. From there the combined trails go westward for about a mile to Hermit Creek. There is a campground at Hermit Creek. From there Hermit Trail follows the creek quite directly to the Colorado River.

Only a short beginning segment of Hermit Trail is currently available on UntraveledRoad, beginning at Hermit's Rest and ending a ways after emerging into Hermit Canyon.

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